Day 1 – So, you’ve decided you want to learn to climb? This is great news! WE LOVE CLIMBING! Go and grab yourself a mince pie to reward yourself! It’s the thought that counts, so that is enough for one day and don’t worry… you’ve made the right decision!

Day 2 – Book an Induction with one of our instructors! We promise they’re not scary so come and introduce yourself! We run these everyday so no excuses for not having anytime around Christmas!

Day 3 – You can’t climb without a harness so today is the day you learn to put your harness on correctly! Remember the Knots from your induction? Let’s practice them! Over the next week or so you are going to eat, sleep and breathe Knots!

Day 4 – Give yourself a pat on the back and buy a raffle ticket for our Santa Climb, you’ve earned it! (Don’t forget to continue to practice those knots until you can do them with your eyes closed!)

Day 5 – You’ve got this far, you may as well take out our lifetime registration with us so you can come down and keep practicing!

Day 6 – Persuade a friend to be your Climbing partner so you can practice your belaying! Tip: Show them how great you are at your knots so they feel much safer! (Make sure you KEEP PRACTICING those knots!)

Day 7 – If you were unsuccessful at yesterdays task (Do you really have no friends??) then grab one of our Instructors. P.S now you have completed one of our of inductions you can bring up to 2 novices in and supervise them climbing.

Day 8 – It’s time to belay someone heavier than you. We come in all shapes and sizes here at Rock and Rapid so you won’t be short of choice!

Day 9 – How’s your fitness looking? How about asking Simmo some advice on circuit training! This will really help to improve your climbing.

Day 10 – Cue the Christmas Music!

Day 11 – No cheating anymore! No more rainbows, stick to one route.

Day 12 – YOU’RE HALF WAY THERE ALREADY! It’s Ladies Night tonight (and every Monday) Don’t worry guys, lots of men turn up this evening too…. we have no idea why?! It starts at 7:30pm and you can meet lots of other people like yourself who are just as enthusiastic about climbing as we are!

Day 13 – Your technique has really improved, today’s the day to hire some climbing shoes and see the difference in your climbing when you use them.

Day 14 – The day after the staff Christmas party, we would appreciate you keeping the noise to a minimum. Let’s practice quiet feet!

Day 15 – Now that your confidence has grown, it’s time to enter our Santa Climb and help us raise money for Climbers Against Cancer (CAC)! We put this event on every year and it is always a huge success, you’ll get either a Santa or Elf suit and a free Turkey Bap!

Day 16 – We all need some excitement in our lives, push yourself out of your comfort zone and have a go at an over-hang!

Day 17 – It’s the last weekend before Christmas and you’ve worked REALLY hard, so why not treat yourself to your very own harness from our shop! Our instructors know their stuff so check with them for some inspo!

Day 18 – and you may as well grab a pair of shoes whilst you’re at it!!

Day 19 – Our Instructors are all pretty competitive so how about betting a pint on it and challenging them to a route on the auto-belay. Some have never lost this challenge, so be prepared! Us office staff would love to see them lose!

Day 20 – WE’RE SO CLOSE WE CAN’T CONTAIN OURSELVES. Improve your technique today and try a rock-over.

Day 21 – SANTA CLIMB! SANTA CLIMB! SANTA CLIMB! YOU GO GLEN CO-CO! Be here at 7pm!!! See you there!!!

Day 22 – Recovery day from all the free turkey you ate yesterday and of course the hard work you put into your climbing!

Day 23 – Push yourself some more and have a go at a grade harder! One higher than you’ve previously been working on! What’s the worst that can happen?

Day 24 – CONGRATULATIONS! You’re now a competent climber. We’re so proud! Take your new skills and use them in climbing centres around the country!


Over-hang – There are over-hangs on slabs 8 and 9, check them out!

Rock-Over – This is when you put your weight over one foot to place the other

Santa Climb – You need to reserve your place in advance please call us on 01769 573380

SAFETY – If you are unsure on anything please seek instructor help. That is what they are there for! You will not be able to use our climbing wall unsupervised until you have completed one of our inductions and signed to say you know what you are doing safety wise.

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