Looking around the climbing centre here at Rock and Rapid we have spotted a fair few habits that our climbers (well, our instructors mainly) seem to have taken on. Apparently, it takes 21 days to kick a habit. Will you be testing out this theory out with any of the following?

1. Using old gear

What is about old things that we just can’t seem to let go of? Is it the memories? The fact that our mature belongings have been through it all by our side? When is it time to invest in new equipment? When your ropes start going fluffy and you only own a bag of jumbled up round bar carabiners might be an indicator luckily, we have all the equipment you may need right here at the centre so you can hire it out if your gear looks a little worse for wear! It is a bad habit to get used to using tatty equipment and not to mention, dangerous if it’s on its last legs!

2. Drinking too much tea

Don’t get me wrong, a lovely hot cuppa in the morning is absolute bliss. When that caffeine kicks in you begin to feel human again and ready to take on the day’s climbing wall challenges! I am a complete sucker for tea. I must take after my mum (she drinks at least seven cups a day but completely denies it) and I hate to stereotype, but maybe it also has something to do with the fact that I’m English. Who knows? I just know that I love the stuff! But when does it become a habit? I would personally say, you shouldn’t depend on it to get you through the day (although I know I sometimes feel that way). I recently tried to give up caffeine and had a terrible headache for about a week! So, I am now gradually cutting down and I have discovered a new love for herbal and decaffeinated teas (peppermint is my favourite).

Also, is tea bad for you? Like with most things, if it is part of a balanced diet and consumed in moderation, its usually ok. However; did you know that caffeine makes you need to pee more often? Not so good when you’re kitted up with your harness eh? If you find this becomes a problem when climbing then do not worry, we have a solution! You can opt for one of our de-caff versions or fruit/ herbal teas here at our cafe. Also, if you are adding sugar or syrups to your drinks, it can have an unhealthy effect on your teeth and only adds extra calories to your diet. Try sweeteners or challenge yourself to cut down (one of our instructors takes three, yes THREE sugars in his hot drinks).

3. Chalk

Chalk is fantastic, isn’t it?! It stops those sweaty fingers from slipping off holds and makes your overall climbing experience a whole lot more enjoyable. You can now get climbing chalk in liquid form, but some climbers seem to take it a little too far and end up coating their arms in it and getting it everywhere! Or completely smothering all our holds in it! Now that’s a bad habit. But do not fear, we have just re-vamped our walls and have many new routes on the climbing wall and in the bouldering room so get on down here to South Molton to check them out!

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