2019 is just around the corner and everyone starts to think about getting fit or taking up a new activity in the New Year – #Bucketlist!

Well here are 10 reasons why for 2019 Climbing should be your chosen activity.

  1. It Doesn’t Feel Like Exercise – lots of exercise is very repetitive. Think about running, swimming or cycling it is all the same motion. But with Rock Climbing there is just one simple problem to solve – How do we get from the bottom to the top. Each route you climb will be different giving you a great variety.
  2. Not Just A Physical Activity, It’s Mental As Well! – With each climb being different it means you have to think about every route. You need to think about where your hands and feet are going to go to get you to the top. At the same time you will be burning calories, getting stronger and improving your flexibility.  Climbing is great for improving your strength,  (not just your arms though, it will also improve your core as well as your legs) balance and flexibility, it is also good for improving your confidence and problem solving skills.
  3. Climbing Is Social – In most aspects of climbing you cant do it alone. You need someone to hold your ropes, therefore you will always need company. Climbers are also very good at offering advice and encouragement so friendships at the climbing centre are easily made. There are also climbing clubs to get involved with and you will even find yourself traveling around the country or Europe climbing with your new friends!
  4. You Can Climb 12 Months of the Year – Rock Climbing Centres are open all year round, they are indoors and they are generally open 7 days a week until 10pm in the evenings. If it is raining you can still go climbing, and you are not relying on seasons like other activities.
  5. Your Goals – Unless you want to compete, no one cares if you get to the top! The key thing with climbing is you can come back and try again and again and again. All climbs are graded for difficulty so you can see where you are and if you are improving. If you are finding routes to easy, it may be time to increase your grade!
  6. It’s your schedule – You can climb when you want unlike being part of a sports team. Want to take a few days off, you can! Want to climb 3 days a week? Its up to you! All you need is a belayer and you can climb when you want.
  7. You can stare at someone’s bum for safety reasons – It is probably one of the only sports you can stare at your partners bum and not get shouted at! Just make sure you keep looking at the rope as well!
  8. Mixed Ability, Age, Sex – You will see every type of people at the climbing centre. Males, Females, Junior Climbers, Mature Climbers, big people and small people. It doesn’t matter, it what makes the climbing centre a friendly, inclusive place!
  9. Inexpensive – For under £100 you could get yourself kitted out with your own equipment ready to become a climber! Monthly memberships are available in most climbing centres and start from £25 a month, making it a really cheap activity to participate in.
  10. Success Every Visit – Every time you go climbing you will succeed, you will get to the top each time you attend – so you always leave happy and wanting to come back for more!​

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