So, the weekend is upon us – hooray! But, if you’re a parent, you will know that there’s one thing that has a big impact on how your weekend with the kids pans out. Sunny weather – no problem, you can get out and about for walks, bike rides and park visits, but what if it’s rainy?

Well, we’ve had a look at the forecast for this weekend and it does look like there could be some rain heading for us in North Devon on Sunday. Luckily, climbing is pretty much the perfect rainy day activity for kids of any age!

We’re open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the weekends, and we know exactly how to keep the little ones entertained come rain or shine. Here’s why we think you should pop by this weekend…

Get up and go

You’ve been there a hundred times before – you plan to brave the weather and go for a family walk, maybe a bike ride. You get out the kids’ waterproofs and bike helmets. But after an argument with your oldest about whether they need to wear their coat and finding your youngest’s wellies, half the day is gone!

With climbing, this is not the case. All you have to do is rally the kids together and get out the door. We have all of the equipment you need right here at our climbing wall in North Devon – from harnesses and shoes to helmets.

Making new friends

Most kids’ calendars (well, their parents) are full of birthday parties and playdates. But what about getting your kids to make new friends and socialise? Well, climbing is the perfect activity for both outgoing and introverted children, because they can decide on their level of interaction with others.

Either you can belay your child and take it as some quality time, or they can head to the bouldering cave to climb a few routes and make new friends with all of the other rained-out kids!

Learning new skills

Not only is climbing a fun and exhilarating sport, but it also teaches kids plenty of valuable skills. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, we run a specialised kids’ club, where children with NICAS Level One certificates can develop their skills in the fundamentals of climbing, from tying knots to safe belaying and climbing techniques.

This is a great way for them to get some practice in taking responsibility for their safety, as well as learning to work in a team, trust their partner and communicate effectively. Plus, a successful day climbing is a huge confidence boost for kids of any age!

No need to make a packed lunch!

No longer do you have to convince your children to eat their sandwich or search the cupboard for food to take on your day out. Here at Rock and Rapid Adventures, we have a cafe on site! We serve everything from pizzas and chips to snacks and coffees, meaning that whether you want to have a family lunch out, or just enjoy a coffee whilst the kids climb, you’re in the perfect place.

An affordable alternative

Spending a rainy Sunday visiting a theme park or family attraction can get expensive. However, a day out at the climbing wall is actually a very affordable weekend activity. Our kids’ clubs are led by qualified climbing instructors, too, so if you choose you can just sit back with a coffee and enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet!


So, don’t stay in with the kids bouncing off the walls this weekend – let them come and climb at our wall instead! Come in on the weekend as a family, or for NICAs Level One-holding kids, call now on 01769 309002 or book online to secure your child a place at kids’ club!

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